Self Storage Insurance

Self Storage Insurance

MK Box offers a secure self-storage facility in Milton Keynes but it is always advisable to get self storage insurance as well. One may think that why do you require an insurance cover if the storage facility is secured with 24 hour CCTV and the alarm system is connected to a local security company’s rapid response team?

This is a very valuable question and is indeed true however in the unfortunate even of flood, fire or security failure, your valuable items will be covered and insured with a reputable service provider. And if you are thinking that the premium will be expensive then you will be surprised to know how cheap it can be.

The  insurance premiums offered by Insurastore only cost 69 pence per week for every £1,000 of cover that you may require so if you think about it, that is not much at all. That is why we always advice our potential tenants to consider it. We do care about our reputation and also the possessions of our tenant so we do our utmost to ensure your stuff is well and truly secure.

Which Self Storage Insurance is Best For You

We have a recommended low cost self storage insurance provider available at MK Box. We are a reputable Milton Keynes self storage facility and can obtain comprehensive insurance for your valuable items and to guard them against theft, fire, flood and any malicious damages.

The Benefits of using Insurastore:

A free no-obligation quotation
Immediate cover available
Online managed insurance account
New for old cover
Goods in Transit cover to/from our storage facility.

At MK Box, we recommend Insurastore as they are self storage insurance specialists and can give you the best advice as well as competitive rates. We have been an approved self storage facility by Insurastore. For a no obligation insurance quotation, click on the icon here.Get Self Storage Insurance


So in you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01908 319399 0r fill in the contact box on our homepage.

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